Tidying The River Taw

One of the first emails we received was in January 2021, just after we have formed our new committee. In it the writer asked politely when we would clean the River Taw. Somewhat taken back , we replied that we would look into the matter.

To cut a long story short, BLUE watch (the Fire Service) agreed to take on the task. They were joined in the River Taw by Petroc “Outdoor Ed “ students and the Coastguard Agency.

Volunteers from out community and from the Pilot Gig Club waited on the quayside to haul things up and over the wall.

Barnstaple Town Council paid for the skip, and when we filled that, North Devon Council stepped into the fray and saved the day by hauling away 40 trollies, 100 tyres and lots of other unsavoury items that should not be in our water!